Original folklore show

The folklore show starts at 7pm and finishes at 10pm. During the evening our guests can see a cross section of folklore from almost all of the ethnographic regions of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia. At the end of the performance our guests can sing their favourite national songs.

The experienced dulcimer band led by Alexandr Vrábel is playing the whole of the evening. Our dancers are wearing original national costumes, which they are changing many times during the evening so they are always wearing the exact costume from the origin of the dance.

All the songs are in our own arrangement and all the dance choreographies were created with professional choreographers. Our dancers were rehearsing the current new choreographies from the regions of Trenčín and Horehroní with professional dancers Veronika Miščíková from the company Lučnica and Roman Majer from the company SĽUK.

Guests comments about the show:


”Thank you for the wonderful performance of Czech artists.

It was unreal.”


“When we get back to Prague, we certainly will not miss again to visit your restaurant where dancers perform unheard of things...”


“It's unbelievable how wonderful a singer's voice is. And musicians play everything!”